Pantheon of Elaris

The pantheon was split into three factions, one for each side of the war. The Dawn is aligned against the Midnight and the Dusk has its own little inner wars.

The Dawn

The Dawn consists of Okarane and the four gods who aided him in the creation of the universe. Because the creatures of this world feel so close to them, these four are the dominant religions of the world, with the exception of Okarane, who does not feel the need to be worshipped as strongly as the other gods. After the Pillar War, Eckal chose to align himself with the Dawn, beginning a chain reaction of events that are still being felt to this day.

Aspect: Lion
Domains: Life, Civilization, Liberty
Alignment: Lawful Good
• Seek to raise up cities and monuments
• Honor all creation
• Let everyone make their own choices

Tsarran, the Avenger
Aspect: Gold Dragon
Domains: Strength, Honor, Retribution, Light
Alignment: Chaotic Good
• Strike at evil wherever it may appear
• Seek reasonable retribution for those that have wronged you
• Fear not the Dark, but walk in the Light

Arcol, the Defender
Aspect: Griffon
Domains: Protecton, Virtue, Law, Peace
Alignment: Lawful Good
• Protect the weak
• Live a virtuous life
• Keep the law and maintain peace

Nora, the Pure
Aspect: Unicorn
Domains: Beauty, Chastity, Love, Hope
Alignment: Neutral Good
• Beauty exists everywhere and in everything, outside yourself and inside it
• Never give up Hope, and submit not to Fear
• Love all

Herug, the Healer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Aspect: Pegasus
Domians: Health, Protection, Justice, Purity
• Seek to help those with disease
• Prevent the spread of illness
• Find and destroy the sources of the plagues of the world

Eckal, the Honorable
Alignment: Neutral Good
Aspect: Wolf
Domains: Strength, Honor, Glory
• Fight for fame
• Fight for honor
• Fight for glory

The Dusk

The Dusk consists of the twelve gods who chose not to participate in the war. They cover the middle ground the two extremes miss. The Dusk strives to maintain neutrality, but due to recent events, they find themselves leaning more towards one side or the other in the battle of chaos and order.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Aspect: Bull
Domains: Nature, Earth, Patience
• Treat nature with respect
• Good things come to those who wait
• Care for the earth and she will care for you.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Aspect: Owl
Domains: Wisdom, Knowledge, Air
• Seek knowledge where it can be found
• Be wise, do not jump into rash situations

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Aspect: Phoenix
Domains: Fire, Wrath, Inventing
• Create things to aid yourself and others
• Others should fear your anger

Alignment: True Neutral
Aspect: Fox
Domains: Luck, Cunning, Thievery
• Push your luck, if you have faith it will never run out
• You must be able to think faster than your enemies

Alignment: True Neutral
Aspect: Fish
Domains: Water, Fertility, Grace
• Be graceful in all your actions
• Pray for fertility in all things

Aspect: Dog
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Wealth, Pride, Fame
• Seek to obtain riches in any way possible
• Share your riches, but only enough to please the public mind
• Seek your own gratification above that of others

Aspect: Rat
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domain: Poverty, Humility, Charity
• It is not wrong to be poor, it can be a blessing
• Be humble
• Share with others equally

Aspect: Raven
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Death, Tranquility, Acceptance
• Death is a part of life, fear it not
• Be at peace and fret not
• Accept what comes your way and fear it not
Relic: Codex of Almenia

Aspect: Polar Bear
Alginment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Ice, Predictability, Steadiness
• Abstain from fire and the products of it
• Work, but surely, to spread a never-ending winter across the lands
• Stay set in your routines and habits

Aspect: Cobra
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Storm, Unpredictability, Speed
• Strike with power
• Strike fast
• Never do the same thing twice

The Midnight

The Midnight consists of the five gods who fought against Okarane. You will find no organized churches for them, but only cults. Small tribes may worship them and the non civilized humanoids may revere them. (PCs are not allowed to worship these deities)

Aspect: Tiger
Domains: Death, Anarchy, Bondage
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
• Sow death amongst you enemies
• Civilization must be destroyed
• Bind those who are weaker than you

Mykos, the Warbringer
Aspect: Black Dragon
Domains: Strength, Brutality, Vengeance, War
Alignment: Lawful Evil
• Destroy your enemies
• Show no mercy
• Take vengeance on even the smallest insult

Derros, the Annihilator
Aspect: Spider
Domains: Destruction, Deceit, Chaos, Darkness
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
• Lie and cheat your way to power
• Destroy and cause havoc
• Walk in the Darkness and shun the Light

Akra, the Mistress
Aspect: Panther
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domain: Beauty, Lust, Hate, Fear
• The only beauty is on the outside
• Spread fear and hate amongst your evil

Necarsin, the Vile
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Aspect: Locust
Domains: Disease, Slime
• Spread sickness across the land
• Seek to sicken those who follow the path of good
• Destroy life

Kadnar, the Bloodletter
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Aspect: Wolverine
Domains: Strength, Glory, Bloodlust
• Fight for glory
• Lose yourself in battle
• Drink the blood of your enemies

Pantheon of Elaris

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