History of Elaris

Many millennia ago, the gods created the world. Okarane, the Father God, led four of His children in the creation of Life. Nesthara, the Mother God, was filled with jealousy and led four of Her children to create Death. And war broke out amongst the Gods.

When the War ended, the gods were divided into three groups, the Dawn, the Dusk, and the Midnight, or Good, Neutral, and Evil. The gods created the god-serving races to act as their hands on the world. The Dawn called a prophet and gave him three prophecies, defining the future of the world. The Midnight also called a prophet and set up their own prophecies, defining how they would see these events go.

The first prophecy was the Prophecy of Fire and Brimstone. With the fall of the Felrun Empire, this prophecy was fulfilled.

The second prophecy was the Prophecy of the Age of Magic. With the fall of the Telleri Empire, this prophecy was fulfilled.

The third prophecy was the Prophecy of the PIllars. Two-hundred years ago, this prophecy was fulfilled when the kingdoms of Domarum and Antlaruun united to form the kingdom of Alkoria. The events leading up to this were known as the Pillar War, in which diabolic forces sought to destroy the pillars that kept them from this world. Seven heroes were charged to find these pillars and protect them. One pillar was to fall, being too corrupted to stand, but the other three remain. They now shield the world from the devils of the Burning Realm.

It has been 200 years since the Pillar War. The heroes and their deeds are not forgotten. Every year, a contest is held in honor of this great victory, the Contest of Champions. The event is open to all comers, with the promise of wealth, glory, and gold attracting many to come participate. You and a group of your closest friends are planning on going. And you plan on winning.

History of Elaris

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