Factions of Elaris

It has been 200 years since the events of the Pillar War. Our heroes went down in history, and history was made. Domarum and Antlaruun, two ancient enemies, were united when love blossomed between the two heirs, Eloin Oakheart of Domarum and Anlor Stormhelm of Antlaruun. Together, they forged the nation of Alkoria, uniting two peoples with a deep hatred for one another. It took many long years, but eventually, the people came to be one, and peace was established in the land.

But the forging of a new kingdom from the remains of two old ones does not come without change, and time only adds to those changes. Groups and factions that existed during the prophecy war are now gone, while others have come into existence. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of many of the changes.

Alkoria- Alkoria is the kingdom forged from the ashes that remained of the two nations, Domarum and Antlaruun, after the Prophecy War. It is currently ruled by King Elvor Stormhelm and his wife Queen Sara Stormhelm, of House Syneon.

The Storm Wardens- Formerly the elite guard of the royal house of Antlaruun, the Storm Wardens are continuing their traditional job for the royal house of Alkoria. It is being led by William Mayrick, heir to House Mayrick.

The Noble’s Council- The noble families of the two kingdoms came together to form the Noble’s Council of Alkoria. One of Anlor’s first changes was to remove the Domarum method of votes being delegated to different noble families and to incorporate the system of equality of Antlaruun, each noble family’s voice bearing the same amount of weight. The original eleven noble families of Domarum were joined by the five holds of Antlaruun. A list is included, along with their patron deity. Note: The holds of Antlaruun do not have patron deities, and have not adopted the Domarian way of so doing.

House Mayrick- Lord Gregory Mayrick, Tsarran
House Syneon- Lord Hervund Syneon, Eckal
House Daven- Lord Therrin Daven, Okarane
House Mortel- Lord Nerrin Mortel, Arcol
House McFerrin- Lady Ara McFerrin, Nora
House Torin- Lord Berret Torin, Elris
House Roggeveen- Lord Tjaard Roggeveen, Imeri
House Stanton- Lady Illana Stanton, Herug
House Coolsen- Lady Vana Coolsen, Korla (Due to the events of the Prophecy War, House Nelsor chose a patron deity.)
House McKowen- Lord Merin McKowen, Markorn (Due to the events of the Prophecy War, House Tilver chose a patron deity)
House Varnham- Lady Ulma Varnham, Almenia
The Hold of Wintergard- Jarl Elrigg Wintergard
The Hold of Stormhelm- Jarl Ragnar Stormhelm (acting Jarl, Elvor is considered the true Jarl, according to Antlaruunian tradition)
The Hold of Westgard- Jarl Klaengr Westgard
The Hold of Eastrun- Jarl Mulgrin Eastrun
The Hold of Bjornholm- Jarl Kerrig Bjornholm

The people of Alkoria are split into three distinctive cultures.

Domarians- Domarians are people whose ancestry is mostly those of the original citizens of Domarum. They tend to be about medium in height and build. Their hair color is usually darker shades, such as browns and black and their eyes match those shades. They tend to have fair complexions.

Antlarrunians- These are people who are clearly descended from the citizen of Antlaruun. They are bigger and bulkier in build. They have light hair colors, red and blonde being very common. Their eyes are generally blue and green in hue with light complexions.

Illerans- The Illerans are people who come from around the city of Illeral. They are of short to medium height and tend to be slimmer. Their skin and complexion is darker than their northern brethren.

The Mage Council of Illeral- Following the events of the Pillar War, the Mage Council of Illeral has tightened their fist around the magic users of Alkoria. In their centuries of existence they have blanketed the cities of former Domarum with spells to allow the detection of illegal magics, and they have begun the process in former Antlaruun. Their prison of Spellgard has many interesting rumors and mysteries that shroud its true nature. The current archmage is an elf named Desthen.

The Church of the Dawn: The Church of the Dawn is the organized religion behind the Dawn. It has always had its center in Domarum, and now Alkoria. Its leadership is wide, stretching from the lay priest to it’s head, the Prelate. Underneath the Prelate sits the Six, the Five Patriatches and the Matriarch.

Prelate- Antonius
Patriarch of Tsarran – Danthar
Patriarch of Okarane –
Patriarch of Arcol –
Patriarch of Herug –
Patriarch of Eckal –
Matriarch of Nora -

The Druid Circles – The Druid Circles are an ancient order, stretching back to the creation of the World Tree. Originally comprised purely of elves, the druid circle stretched to all those who wish to protect Creation. There are six druid circles, each acting independently, while maintaining contact with one another. Each circle is guided by an Archdruid, a senior member of the circle. Circles have a strict hierarchy, mimicking the hierarchy of nature. Druids recognize seniority and rank. A strict line of succession is set forth for every druid circle.
The druids were founded shortly after the creation of the World Tree from Nora’s trees. They learned how to tap into the magic that the roots of the World Tree spread throughout the world. Soon, they began to hold Markorn, Imeri, Elris, and Korla in reverence, due to their strong connection to nature. In a druid circle, Nora holds first place, followed closely by Markorn, Imeri, Elirs, and Korla.
Following is a brief description of the six circles.

The Druid Circle of Tyrandel – The Druid Circle of Tyrandel is the most organized of the Druid Circles and holds to the original tradition of the druids, being comprised of purely elves. All other druid circles can trace their lineage to the Circle of Tyrandel. Archdruid Faeran’s advice hold great weight for the elven royal family, he being treated as almost the equal of the queen herself.

The Druid Circle of Western Alkoria – The Druid Circle of Western Alkoria used to be the Druid Circle of Western Domarum, it’s name changing when Domarum and Antlaruun united to become Alkoria. They watch over the western woods of Alkoria and work closely with the Circle of Tyrandel, being the circle that is closest to them. Many of their members are elves or claim elven heritage. Archdruid Rorick Lathandel, a half-elf himself, guides the Western Circle

The Druid Circle of Eastern Alkoria – Starting where the Western Circle ends, the Eastern Circle is comprised of more humans, but functions much the same as its western counterpart. This circle’s boundaries end at mountains that separate Old Domarum and Antlaruun. Derrin Anderson guides this circle as Archdruid.

The Druid Circle of Antlaruun – The only circle to have retained its name after the merging of the two kingdoms, this circle covers the land that used to make up Antlaruun. It is the only circle to have dwarven members. Archdruid Frangar is a dwarf in fact.

The Druid Circle of Hasharia – The Circle of Hasharia is unique, due to the fact that Hasharia is a desert nation and has adapted to that climate and weather. Rather than focussing on healing civilization’s advance on Creation, they focus on being able to help civilization survive in one of Creation’s harshest environments Archdruid Thara al-Sharid guides this circle.

The Druid Circle of the Wildlands – By far covering the most territory, the Circle of the Wildlands is the remnants of the various circles that existed in the lands south before the Pillar Wars. The focus of this circle is to reclaim and heal those lands from the damage of the abyssal invasion. Progress has been slow these past two hundred years, but under the leadership of Archdruid Dextral Eliasson, a half-elf from Alkoria, the circle was able to set up a grove untainted by the abyssal corruption a few miles south of the Alkorian border. This has been a great help to all, allowing the druids to study the new wildlife in the Wildlands and provide information to the nations of the world about what they can expect in there. Dextral is sometimes viewed as radical, seeking to push forward and taking much more of a leadership role in the circle, leading rather than guiding. But that is what Dextral believes is necessary to heal the wildlands, and bring balance to the world once more.

The Kingdom of Tyrandel- The Elven Kingdom took a heavy blow in the Pillar War, having lost their Queen. Having immortality due to their connection to the World Tree, it has been many centuries since they had a change of rulers. It was a rocky process, but Queen Alaryn Moonblade (Ithilhyanda) now sits on the throne. It has become clear to her that her people are divided culturally as well, those who favor the woods and nature and those who favor magic and arcane power. She works hard to balance the needs of the two groups. Lord Elhan of House Sunweaver (Anarvairar) is the main representative for the High Elves and Lady Fyrelda of House Goldenoak (Malnomo) is the main spokesperson for the Wood Elves. Rumors say that Queen Alaryn has arranged for the marriage of her daughter, Elara, to William Mayrick

The Kingdom of Icthoria- The Dawrven Kingdom of Icthoria was not hard hit in the Pillar War and has been thriving over the past two-hundred years. It was able to trade with the new kingdom of Alkoria and help in the rebuilding process. This has led to great wealth and prosperity for the dwarves. Mountain-King Morin Forgehammer has attempted to make peace with the elves and tentative trading has opened between the two nations.

The Kingdom of Hasharia- A kingdom in the eastern desert ruled by the sultan al-Tashid.

The Archangels- When the God’s War began, the races of the world were formed. The Dawn created the angels, creatures of pure good and light, to be their soldiers on the frontlines. From among the angels, six were elevated to the rank of Archangel.
Helorum – Archangel of Light, and lead Archangel, Sword and Shield
Archeantus – Archangel of Retribution, Great Sword
Rachel – Archangel of Hope, Two Swords
Mordecai – Archangel of Strength, Halberd
Isabel – Archangel of Valor, Warhammer and Shield
Amnor – Archangel of Life, Staff
When the Felrun Empire began to fall and the devils and demons ravaged the world, it was Helorum, Modecai, and Isabel who sacrificed themselves to close the portal leading to the Burning Realm. Their weapons were taken by the Church. They were last seen on display in the Temple of the Rising Dawn in Alkoria City, but were stolen twenty years ago. The identity of the thief and where he or she might have taken the weapons are unknown.

The Archdevils- The six dukes of the Burning Realm who control the fiends (devils and their subordinates). Each is listed in order, along with their title and rank.
Barthalius, the Tormentor, Archduke of the Burning Realm – The leader of the archdevils and all fiends. All the other archdevils bow to him, while secretly plotting how to overthrow him. His speciality is torture and extraction of dark secrets. He is the least likely of the Archdevils to make deals with mortals, preferring that his minions do so for him.
Xanthus, the Deceiver, 1st Grand Duke – As the 1st Grand Duke, Xanthus is second in command of the fiendish armies of the burning realm. He rose to his position following Nefaria’s failed attempt to destroy the Pillars during the Pillar Wars. His focus is primarily on fighting the demons in the never ending war between demons and devils. He has been quite successful, even capturing one of the Demon Princes, Jalexus. Xanthus focuses on lies and deceptions, often misleading his enemies during battle.
Nefaria, the Seductress, 2nd Grand Duke – Formerly the 1st Grand Duke, Nefaria fell from grace when her attempt to take over Elaris failed after the Pillar Wars. She focuses exploting the lust and passion of mortals to do her bidding. She is the most likely to make deals with mortals.
Fellrix, the Subjugator, Duke – Fellrix used to be Archduke, but was forced out by Barthalius when the Felrun Empire collapsed. He seeks to regain his former glory, constantly seeking ways to rise in the ranks. He focuses on control, using any methods available to him to gain power.
Altarix, the Impulsive, Duke – Altarix is the most unpredictable of the archdevils. His unpredictability makes him a force to be reckoned with. The other archdevils never let their guards down around him. He appears to make rash decisions, though many suspect that he is simply playing the game and that he has already planned many, many moves ahead of the others.
Terrilix, the Slayer, Duke – Terrilix focuses on murder and assassination to accomplish his goals. He earned his position as duke by assassinating the original archdevil, one whose name has long been lost to history, and stealing his power. He has not sought to rise any more in the ranks though, and that strikes fear into the hearts of the others, even Barthalius.

Demon Princes – The other half of the Burning Realm is controlled by the demons. Whereas devils are agents of domination and subjugation, demons focus on destruction and chaos. Devils seek to rule the world, demons seek to destroy it. Demons are ruled by six Princes, each of equal standing as the other.

Factions of Elaris

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