Varus, the Guardian of Elaris

Servant of the Gods


Brick red skin, black hair and eyes, long horns, tail.

He wears simple robes and a large hooded cloak. He carries a bent stick as a staff and wears fur trimmed gloves. You get the feeling that heat and cold don’t bother him that much and yet he doesn’t care to be elegant and fancy.


The Guardian.

Little is known about him except rumor and speculation. Always described as a cloaked figure bathed in light, few have seen his face. You happen to be one of those lucky few.

You know Varus to be the tiefling Varus, much to your surprise. His coal black eyes, brick red skin, black hair, his nearly three foot long tail and his horns are not what you expected from a guardian. You know that before he was granted the powers of Guardian, he was an adventurer, a warlock in fact. He was one of the seven heroes who ended the Pillar War by defeating Nefaria and her pet warlock, Avernus, who just so happened to be Varus’ father. Before the final battle, Nefaria broke her pact with Varus and Varus was left powerless. Ultimately, he sacrificed his life to allow his friends to deal the final blow to Avernus, breaking Nefaria’s link to Elaris and banishing her back to the Burning Realm. As reward for his actions, the Dawn raised Varus from the dead and granted him the title of Guardian.

Varus’ manner is not at all what you would expect from a servant of the gods. His relationship with them is often flippant and borderline disrespectful. But when it comes down to it, Varus has accepted his role as Guardian and takes his job very seriously. You suspect that he is grateful for the second chance, the opportunity to free his soul from a dark taint.

You have yet to see a full demonstration of Varus’ powers, but you suspect that they are immense.

Varus, the Guardian of Elaris

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